• Foote Cemetery on Sherwood Rd. was organized in 1858.
  • The Columbarium at Summit Cemetery was dedicated in October 2010.
  • Rededicated on October 2nd, 2010, the Historical Committee has recreated a 1920s classroom.  The school is located at 985 E. Sherwood.
  • Township Park River Trail

From the Desk of Supervisor Bloomquist

Over the years the Township has continued to expand funding to maintain our local roads.  The Road Committee has diligently worked on policy recommendations to the Board along with recommendations on which roads to address over the next year.  The Board recently adopted a new policy to address funding and will be looking at ways to increase funds dedicated to our roads during the current budget review for the 2018-19 budget.

The breakdown of the roads within the Township include

  • State maintained:  3.4 miles (Grand River)
  • County Maintained Primary: 28.1 miles (Ex.: Zimmer, Haslett)
  • Local through: 33.4 miles (Ex.: Germany, Barton)
  • Neighborhood: 16.9 miles (Ex.: Sandstone, Mapleshade)

The Township receives $30,000 a year from the County as a match towards maintaining our local through roads.  The County does not provide any match for Neighborhood roads/streets as this work is contracted out by the County.  With the average cost of maintenance or reconstruction running from $40,000 to $200,000 a mile (depending on work needed), you can see the difficulty in meeting the funding needs for Township Roads as the Township collects less than $200,000 in property taxes a year.

The Township will be creating a portion of the website to be dedicated to our roads so that you can have a better understanding of what type of work is being done, which roads are involved, and estimated time for completion, as well as the policies that have been adopted by the Board regarding prioritization and funding.

Ingham County Road Department is responsible for maintenance on Township roads.  Please call the Road Department with maintenance issues such as potholes.  517-676-9722.

~ Wanda Bloomquist,
Township Supervisor


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Police Services

Williamstown Township has contracted for Police Services with Meridian Township since January 1st, 2011.  The Township Board has determined that it is in the best interest of the Township Residents to solicit all interested law enforcement solicit agencies in an effort to provide the most effective service available for our residents by way of this Request for Proposal (RFP).

November 6 General Election

The November 6 General Election is right around the corner. We will be mailing out absent-voter ballot applications in the near future. These will be mailed to registered voters on our Permanent A-V list.  If you want to receive an application and are not on the list (or you're not sure if you are), call or e-mail us (phone 655-3193 or steinbergm@williamstowntownship.com).  ALSO, we mail applications to the latest address you gave us.  Please contact the Township If your preferred mailing address has changed since the last election.

Tax Season

Summer property taxes are due September 14th.  Regular office hours are 10-4 Tuesday and Thursday, 10-7 on Wednesday.  Additionally, the Township office will be open for tax payments on Friday, September 14th from 9am - 5pm. Taxes not paid by September 14th at 5pm will be charged an additional 1% interest on the first day delinquent and the first of every month that taxes are unpaid.  Please note that postmarks cannot be accepted as payment date.  Any payments left in the box after 5pm on Friday are considered late.  Click here for more information.

Dial 211

Were you aware that 2-1-1 is a free and confidential service that helps people across North America find the local resources they need? They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may also visit the website at www.211.org.  The range of services includes help with crisis and emergency, disaster assistance, food, health, housing and utilities, jobs and support, reentry, veterans and human trafficking. All calls are private and confidential.

Where do your Tax Dollars Go?